Redford park junction redesign is wrong

The Council told local Greystones Councillors about a planned redesign of Redford Park Junction. Their priority for the junction was to make it better for cyclists in particular and walkers. The priority should be for bus transport recognising it is the main access road for the town of 20,000 people which has the highest commuter load of any town in Wicklow.. The plan will create congestion for buses and traffic reducing the attractiveness of buses, especially express buses.

From 7 to 8, the peak hour, there are 6*84X and 4 others making 10 bus services. Previously I counted the bus passengers at Lidl on the 84X at 240, as well as a significant number also got off to go to school.

Journey Duration. The 84x is listed at 70 minutes, an increase on a decade earlier. The other buses are listed at 90 minutes. Aircoach is listed at 83 minutes but can take longer, a substantial increase from when it started and went via the toll bridge. These are very long journey times and only the 84X is competitive with cars. They need to be encouraged, especially here and all the way to the N11 if they are to attract more people from cars.

There is a need to encourage cycling which replaces car use, such as going to school, work, & DART. Few people are going to cycle to work over Bray Head however and bus use is much more effective at reducing cars. Buses must be given more priority here.

Stops. The plan is to stop buses in the single straight on bus/car carriageway. The road is very busy and a lot of people get on/off resulting in long stops. The stops are opposite each other creating further jams. A previous design had a left & bus lane & stop northbound. There seems room for a pull in bus stop southbound. A decade ago consultants wanted to stop buses in the main carriageway at Greystones Station but Councillors said no. That would have created major congestion. I note that a new design for Rock Road Booterstown has a car lane and a separate bus & left turn lane. That is required here.

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