Mitchell criticises NTA cancelling the 133 bus service to Airport, thus encouraging cars

Prior to the pandemic the 133 bus served much of Wicklow and went to Dublin centre and on to the airport. The airport part of the service was cancelled during the lockdown but the NTA has now decided that it will permanently end in Busarus. Passengers, with cases, will have to transfer to the infrequent 101 there.

The journey time is listed as 98 minutes, from Willow Grove, which is far too long and uncertain compared to driving at 45 minutes. The Aircoach from Greystones takes 83 minutes. These bus times are too long, the Aircoach from Belfast taking 110 minutes, only slightly longer! This will encourage car use, the opposite of what is supposed to happen. What is the Minister for Transport Eamonn Ryan  doing?

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