N/M11 Cancellation hinders improving Public Transport

The project to improve the N/M11 also included a number of new long distance bus routes increasing the public transport share along the whole route to Rosslare, for example, doubling the Public Transport share in Arklow to 19%. Cancelling it is a serious blow to all transport in Wicklow.

The central, and most expensive, part is improving the ‘Bray Bypass’ to allow more ‘persons’ rather than ‘vehicles’ through. Public Transport South of Greystones has always been very poor, this was to let the buses through. The Interim Bus Priority Scheme, which is to proceed in Co. Dublin, does virtually nothing as it does not change the congested area, which is in Co. Wicklow!

The Wicklow Rail Line has the worst service of any in the region. My 2018 plan to improve this was mostly rejected.

The current studies have cost €3m since 2018, but started in 2014. Previous Studies took place in 2010. Study cost so far must be €5m. A complex and expensive model of transport demand down to Rosslare was put together but the team working on it has been disbursed now so no one can work the model.

The Green Party Minister of Transport Eamon Ryan has just abandoned Wicklow transport without even suggesting alternatives such as putting a double track rail tunnel through Bray Head to provide a proper service. He has no concept of providing for transport demand only stopping roads.

Action Required Now. Keep Phase 3 Design & Environmental evaluation going at a cost of €3.5m over 2 years.

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