Major DART carriage order to improve service

I welcome Irish Rail ordering new DART carriages, 30, with electric power only, to be used to provide extra capacity on existing lines, including to Greystones. 65 as battery/electric to serve Drogheda until wires are put up for full electrification. They cost over €2m each and should be in service in 2025. With wide access between carriages they will provide CCTV, better access for wheelchairs & cycles. They will be in 5s, the same length as present 4s. Also 2 sets can be joined to carry 1,100 people.

The present carriages are in service for 37 years, 21 years to Greystones, but have been kept well.

Up to 750 carriages will be ordered eventually some of which will replace the older carriages.

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