Mitchell concerned N11 proposals reduce Greystones Access to N11 & ignore railway

The recently announced outline plans for the N11/M11from Bray to Coynes Cross close junction 10, Delgany but do not provide any replacement access. This is a busy junction, providing half the towns direct access to the N11, and closing it will create traffic chaos in Greystones. Junction 11, Kilpeddar, is defective and low capacity with a sharp bend and cannot take the extra traffic. It will also divert traffic on to the R761 and overload the roundabout at the top of Charlesland. 1,000 houses are being built close by and better access, not worse, is needed. Traffic needs to be got off these local roads, onto the N11.

The plans include bus routes on the N11 to the Airport, City Centre and Tallaght which should be useful. The Wicklow rail line has the least service of any around Dublin but no extra rail services are mentioned in spite of my 2018 paper on how it should be done.

The proposed road changes around Bray seem sensible, designed to stop crossing traffic going on the N11 by providing local bridges, also one at Willow Grove.

I will be asking for changes including, keeping J10 open, an improved rail service and bus lanes through the Glen O’ Downes.

 I also think there should be local access from Newtown, J12, to Kilpeddar as a one way parallel road for buses, local journeys and cyclists. Also a link road from J12 to the Kilcoole Road to take HGVs out of the village centre.

The study has used the population targets for 2030 in the National Plan, but Greystones and Newtown will be well over these with existing permissions.

Plans are On – Junction 4 to Junction 14 Improvement Scheme ( consultation finishes on 20th September.
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