Delgany J10 Part must be kept open

Closing J10 will produce significant problems. I think that adequate safety and movement can be obtained by the plan below (numbers refer to Fig 1 in his report map below):

Keeping open North on & off N11 to Delgany (1 & 5),

  • Build Local Access overbridge as recommended.
  • Close access 2, 3, 4, 6 as recommended. The overbridge will provide nearly as good access, be much safer and be better for busses, cyclist & pedestrians.
  • The sight lines & merge speed for 1 can be much improved, within the existing roadside boundary, when 6 is closed.
  • 5 will be safer with no traffic coming onto the mini roundabout from Barrys Bridge. Probably the roundabout could be slightly raised and the slope start earlier to reduce the steep slope. There also appears to be space on the East of the slip road to improve it.
  • Closing 1 & 5 would force traffic back onto the R761 to go via Windgates and Bray Southern Cross Road. This route already has 9 buses (5*84x, 2*184, 1*84, Aircoach)  in the peak hour and is very busy. Also it will increase traffic on residential parts of it from Killincarrick to Charleland where the roundabout will be over capacity even without this. Bellvue Hill will also become busier. As well as 1,000 houses being built around Charlesland, another 500 have permission around Delgany. Greystones Plan RO1 for improved access to J9 Glenview should be supported.

Newtown, Kilcoole & Kilpedder.

  • A service road is needed from J12 to Kilpedder to allow buses, cyclist & local traffic to connect. Planning permission exists for a Data Centre on the West side which has a 2 way parallel road, though 1 way on each side would be adequate. Regional buses must have a stopping place on each side.
  • A short link road from J12 to the Kilcoole Road is included in the NTMK Plan to take truck traffic to Kilcoole Industrial Estates and tourist traffic to Druids Glen. These plague the unsuitable rural roads & the village at present. This link should be supported.

Other Issues.

  • The empty South East Rail line, the least service of any line in GDA, my 2018 plan proposed 3 peak hour services of 8 carriages, at limited cost. Not mentioned.
  • Long public transport journey times. Aircoach from Greystones takes as long as from Belfast. Train for Arklow (within GDA) takes almost as long as from Belfast.

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