Mitchell against delaying Development Plan

The County Council will meet on the 27th July to consider delaying the Development Plan because of Covid delays. The Minister has recently allowed Councils to do this. However the Plan will not be ready until mid 2022, without delays.

The Greystones/Kilcoole Plan can’t be started until the County one is completed and will take 2 years to prepare. The Greystones Plan was due to be redone in 2019 but this has had to wait for the County one to be completed to know the population numbers. Thus it could be 2024 before a new Greystones/Kilcoole Plan is prepared.

‘The pace of house development is very fast with over 1,000 houses being constructed in the area at the moment. A Plan is urgently needed to specify the social/sporting/education/transport facilities needed to cope with this growth and there should be no delays’ said Cllr Derek Mitchell (FG).

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