Codling and other Windfarms off Greystones Area

This is a huge project, the largest power station in Ireland. It is important that the benefits come to those areas which will have to look at it. It will degrade the view a bit but saves a lot of Carbon, an important objective.

Benefits will mostly go to the areas where the maintenance boats land the crew. Greystones Harbour has no space for a warehouse so may not be able to be THE only Maintenance Base. However it is closest to the Codling and is calm & deep. We need a number of crew transfer boats to be based here to get employment/trade benefits. No harbour in ROI has space to assemble the turbines.

Codling are probably considering using Wicklow or Dun Laoghaire as THE base. I have asked them to set up an Interpretive Centre in the Marina building, which has sight of the Codling, and provide subsidised trips to visit it during construction. Would create a sense of connection between the town and project. Good for area, tourism etc. This is similar to Brighton, a somewhat similar area. I have met them 2/3 times, supplied them with information, and had little response.

Codling should be profitable as the water is shallow (cheaper construction). Also the power will go in close to main Grid demand (Dublin & UK) so output will get cut back less when wind is surplus.

The Dublin Array is half this size but much more visually intrusive, 62 degrees arc of view compared to Codling 35 degrees and it is closer to shore. These meet off Greystones and I am asking for Dublin Array to be shortened to allow, say, a 15 degree gap in the arc of view.

There will be a Community Benefit fund (CBF), probably on per KwH charge. Projects which should benefit include: Marine users, projects within a certain distance of the shore, say 2km, public realm, especially seafronts, promenades, beaches, telescopes, information boards, Interpretive Centre etc.

Projects dealing with bird life and information as well. Clubs such as GAA, Soccer, Arts etc.

I have made a submission to the Government consultation for the Onshore Farms CBF and will make similar to the offshore one to come. 

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