Mitchell asks Codling Windfarm for Interpretive Centre

The Codling Windfarm promoters met with Greystones Councillors and described the exciting project. The largest windfarm in Ireland it will save a lot of carbon by replacing thermal power plants. They plan for 140 large wind turbines on the Codling Bank, which is 13km off shore.  They hope to construct it in 2025/6 following getting consent and other permits.

I welcome this project but it will be very visible from Greystones to Wicklow.  It is essential that this area is made feel connected and involved with the project via jobs, information, tourism, boat movements & trade. I have asked them to set up an Interpretive Centre in Greystones harbour in a building which can see the Codling Bank. This would be an education facility for inspiration for schools, groups, open to tourists and is on the busy Boardwalk & Cliff Walk. Also it should deal with jobs. There should also be boat visits out to see it especially during construction.

These facilities were provided in Brighton, UK, at the Rampion winfarm and worked well.

Around 70 people will be employed to maintain it. I have also asked for some smaller service boats to use Greystones, the nearest harbour to the windfarm, thus providing jobs here. A plan to provide suitable apprenticeships to local school leavers would be good to have included as well.

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