Wicklow votes to fund Greenways, Climate Change measures, CCTV projects with 10% LPT rise.

The Council voted 21 to 8 to increase the LPT by 10% in 2020. This is the first rise in 5 years and inflation has been 3.2%. The extra money is to fund many projects including:

  • Changing street lights to LED to save energy,
  • Many other Climate Change measures,
  • CCTV scheme in Greystones
  • Each Districts fund to improve Public Areas

It will also assist with funding to resurface pitches at Shoreline, Three Trout Stream Greenway to Delgany, Greystones to Wicklow Greenway study, Kilcoole Walks & Newcastle games area which we hope to do.

I would have preferred to only increase it by the inflation figure but as the choice was 10% or not do these projects I felt we should improve facilities. I still am concerned this area is not getting enough funding to cope with the increase in population and will be working to change this.

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