Jacobs Engineering says Cllr Mitchells plan for extra Greystones DARTs is feasible

I wrote a paper in 2018 on how to increase the frequency on the single track from 30 to every 20 minutes. This was based on partially double tracking the line, without the need for an expensive tunnel through Bray Head. This was ignored by Irish Rail but the NTA asked Jacobs Engineering to study how to do this.

I received their report in May and they consider the idea is feasible, as is a 20 minute service and a quicker journey time. This is subject to some further analysis and will take some years to implement. However this would be a significant improvement and I congratulate the NTA for taking the issue seriously and moving it forward. The trains are very full at peak hours. I will be campaigning to get the funds to do this.

The Eastern & Midland Regional Authority finalised the Regional Plan on Friday which will now come into effect at the end of June unless modified by the Minister for Environment. I am annoyed that Green Party Councillors downgraded improving Greystones DART as they wanted their own wording which put in transport to many Dublin places but which only said ‘continuing to provide DART …. to Greystones’. The officials & I wanted wording which said ‘continuing to improve DART …. to Greystones’ Unfortunately most members voted against  improving the DART.

I will be asking the Minister to reinstate the National Plan and DART improvements to undo the damage done by the Green Party.

Note about background. I spent 22 years campaigning to get the DART extended to Greystones. This started in 2000 and it is now the 6th busiest suburban station on the rail system.

You can read the report on the Greystones Service Improvement Study here


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