Work on La Touche stops

Work has been going on for a year building 22 new houses in the grounds of the La Touche Hotel Greystones and converting the original shell of it to 5 terraced houses. The new houses are quite far advanced and significant structural work has been done on the old building, but about 3 weeks ago work stopped and there is nobody on the site. The building, the most prominent in the town, has been derelict for a decade and an eyesore and we were all hoping the long saga was nearly finished. I enquired and all I could get was ‘We have had to stop work for operational reasons, we will be back on site soon’.

The Irish Times of 13/3/19 said that Marlet, a company associated with the Greystones building, had sold a building in Harold Cross for €4m and was going to use the funds to build apartments in that area. I have asked the Council to push to get work restarted.

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