National Transport Agency outlines plans for Wicklow

NTA Chief Executive Ann Graham gave a good presentation to the Council meeting on 4th March outlining the problems and the NTAs solutions.

On the railway the single line track around Bray Head is a major problem. I wrote a report in February 2018 suggesting partial double tracking as a way of providing 50% more DARTs to Greystones.

This was ignored by Irish Rail but the NTA has got international rail experts involved, who will report by the end of March whether this is feasible. Looking forward to report.

More trains to Kilcoole & south depend on when more carriages are available. Some will come in 2021 but most are being ordered and will take 3 years. My paper suggested doubling the length of these at rush hour but no commitment was given on this.

I also asked for more 84x buses and they said they would make a decision soon.

Expansion of Greystones Park n’ Ride will have to wait until the feasibility of extra DARTs to Greystones is decided.

Cllrs emphasised the need for Bray Luas and the NTA said it was hoped to have it designed by 2027.

The NTA will liaise with the N11/M11 redesign team on potential to provide bus priority.

The Bus Connects project will be redesigned by July and will take time to implement.

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