Greystones/Kilcoole infrastructure suffers as Development Levies spent elsewhere

The Councils Capital Budget for the next 3 years was discussed at Mondays meeting. Most is spent on housing and most funds come from Government. €10m comes from Levies on Development which is spent on Roads and Amenities.

My concern is that they are building everywhere in Greystones & Kilcoole, probably 800 homes at the moment, and there is an urgent need for roads, paths and amenity facilities. However the Plan only allocates 4% of road spending and 7% of Amenity spending to the Greystones area even though at least 30% of the Development Levies are collected there. These levies are meant to fund infrastructure which supports this housing and not as a general County fund.

It does contain the Delgany to Blacklion road but at much less than I estimate it to cost. It does not contain any funding for, the recently approved, Delgany Village Path & Road scheme nor for roads in Kilcoole needed to support recent & future houses.

The area is being stripped of funds collected and needed to support this growth. I voted against this as did Cllr Grainne McLoughlin.

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