Greystones area. The Train & Bus services have recently been reduced causing extra traffic jams. Councillors Proposals to get people back on to Public Transport.

Short Term Proposals:

Trains & DART

  • Ensure all DARTs at peak hour services are increased to 8 cars.
  • Complete Jacobs Engineering study on more DARTs to Greystones and indicate how a 20 minute DART service to Greystones can be introduced.
  • Park an extra DART in Greystones overnight to facilitate the morning rush hour.
  • Run 1 extra diesel service south of Greystones at the peak hour as per Iarnrod Eireann’s Rail Capacity Study 2011 and provide additional off peak shuttle service.
  • Ensure that all peak hour diesels have 8 cars as per Rail Study of February 2018.
  • Extend Kilcoole platform to facilitate 8 car trains if required.
  • Provide lighting at Kilcoole platform and shelter.
  • Irish Rail should not buy any more diesel trains that do not have Selective Door Opening (SDO i.e. train open only half the doors on 8 cars at 4 car platforms). This is a normal feature of other Commuter Railways.
  • Provide carriages with easy access for people with disabilities, similar to bus steps that meet the kerb.
  • Provide wider doors within Greystones train station to reduce exit queues.


  • Review of the recent changes to the 84/184 services and buses is required as many of the deleted 84 services were re-instated and some double decker buses were re-instated on the 184 route.
  • A study of the attendance times of the 8 secondary school on both routes is required to ensure an adequate provision of bus services with the objective of reducing car dependency on school routes. There is a requirement for additional 184 buses from Bray, as well as for additional 84 buses at school finish times.
  • Provide a 9 am service on the 84X route and additional evening buses with at least one bus service every 2 hours during the day. The day time 84X buses could terminate at UCD with passengers transferring to other buses, and the peak time buses should continue to the city centre.
  • Allow local and schoolchild fares on 84X buses south of Bray.
  • Southbound 84X buses should run nonstop from UCD to Loughlinstown with 1 stop at Brewery Road, Stillorgan to prevent short distance passengers filling it up.
  • Provide extra 84Xs when Greystones DART is cancelled.
  • Provide priority for all buses from Greystones on Bray Main Street and at Bray Head and Southern Cross Roundabout, Redford junction & Blacklion, Greystones.
  • Ensure the reliability of the 133 Bus Eireann service which is very unreliable. This bus should not skip Bray Main street.
  • Provide a 133X at morning and evening peak times going directly to the city centre.
  • Introduce Wexford Bus service to Killadreenan & Willow Grove as part of new contract discussions.
  • Increase the size of bus stop no. 4215 at Templecarrig School to facilitate numbers and provide a bus shelter. Council owns land needed.
  • Provide 84X type bus to LUAS stops at Carrickmines and Red Cow at rush hours. Many work there and currently must drive on N11.
  • Provide additional 84 buses at peak times.


  • Co-ordinate services of Irish Rail, Dublin Bus, Bus Eireann and Go Ahead to facilitate easier transfers between bus and rail services. Passengers often arrive in Greystones on the DART with no southbound bus connections.
  • Improve the real time apps/online information systems as they often contain incorrect information. Install information monitors at Greystones station to provide updates on delays and cancellations and information on alternative bus transport options.
  • All transport operators to discuss any proposed changes with local public representatives in advance.
  • NTA and transport operators to be more responsive to problems raised by public representatives. It is suggested that one official be designated as a point of contact.

Medium Term Proposals:

  • Provide funding for a Local Link loop to service Greystones, Kilcoole, Newcastle, Newtownmountkennedy & Roundwood (proposals already submitted to NTA)

Long Term Proposals:


  • Any proposals for a 6 min interval DART from Dublin to Bray should not negatively impact the Greystones & Kilcoole service. There is a need to close level crossings and provide new signalling as per Iarnrod Eireann’s Capacity Study 2011.
  • Provide details of longer term plans for any hybrid (bi-mode diesel & electric) use on line and progress on ordering.
  • Increase capacity at Greystones Park n’ Ride & improve access and egress.


  • N11 Redesign. Ensure bus priority measures on road and on access/exit roads. Designate third lane as a bus and car pool lane only.
  • Provide a reversible/contra flow lane on N11 at peak times.
  • Consider early introduction of Bus Connects 201 & 202 in place of 84/184 and 204 service around Greystones. Provide details of how this will tie in with the proposed Local Link service?
  • Provide express bus service, bus corridors and park and ride facilities on the N11 / M11.

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