Mitchell concerned that Bus route changes are worse for Greystones/Kilcoole

I am going to an NTA briefing but am concerned that it is based on wrong information and will produce a worse service: Questions to NTA.

1. The existing DART frequency Bray Greystones is shown as 20 mins. In fact it is 30 mins. At the last briefing, a year or so ago, I specifically corrected this point, which was discussed, when you had it 15 min. It seems incredible that this important fact is AGAIN wrong and calls into question the whole procedure.

2. The proposed Greystones DART frequency is 20 mins and future bus services are based around that. I sent you a plan which I prepared in February this year to achieve a 20 mins service. This would cost around €5-10m in track alterations. I have had no engagement from the NTA or Irish Rail on this.

3. The last indicative timetable IR issued showed a worse service was planned to Greystones with no extra trains and a longer journey time. Thus designing the bus service to transfer to the worse DART service will discourage commuters. Possibly you have accepted a 20 min service, with the required investment, and that would be good.

4. Route 204. This around Greystones loop is welcome.

5. Route 201. Replacing the 84/184 it seems you will use the very tight Delgany turn off the N11. Dublin Bus have said this is too tight for a bus which is why they use the longer and slow route to the Glenview.

6. Route 201/202. This is to connect to DART at 2 stations Bray & Greystones. Dublin Bus have always said, in response to our complaints the bus does not wait for DART, that they cant meet at 2 places and they must keep up their schedule. You are basing your new routes on an easy transfer which seems unlikely. Going down Bray, Vevay and Main Street, these buses will encounter many delays.

7. Buses on M50. This is not mentioned but is needed for North Wicklow at least at peak hours. I want to ask how will a worker get from Kilcoole to Sandyford and CithyWest and how long will it take.

8. 301, old 84x. This is a good service and well used it takes many cars off the N11 at peak hours. 2 day time services are cut out and should be restored. Also a later service at say 9 am to UCD. Passengers have great trouble getting on the return journey as short distance travelers take up the seats.

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