Metro should go to Bray, reserve route now

Submission to Metrolink Consultation.

Reserve Route to Bray. The Metro is a good idea, however the study is too short term and does not deal with possible future expansion to Cherrywood and Bray. The connection is envisaged as a LUAS, however this is likely to prove to not have enough capacity.

A route should be reserved to bring Metro to Bray before Cherrywood is built. The existing route from Bride’s Glen to use the existing old rail bridge involves 2 very sharp bends which LUAS can take but a Metro probably will not. There are also very sharp bends South of Sandyford.

Also people from Cherrywood will not want to get the LUAS and change at Sandyford so usage will be less and thus car usage from Cherrywood greater on the already overcrowded roads.

No Park n’ Ride or bus transfer station at Southern end. There needs to be a much bigger Park n’ Ride at Sandyford and a more direct route from the M50. There also needs to be a link for buses from the M50 to the metro stop and adequate passenger transfer arrangements. In contrast the North side Park n’ Ride seems well thought out.

Decades ago I made the submission to the LUAS extension consultation that the route of the old railway should be reserved in order to get to Bray in the longer term. To me this is one of the most basic planning activities to maintain rail rights of way. Unfortunately I was ignored by short term thinking.

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