Irish Rail refuses extra Wicklow/Wexford train

Irish Rails Acting Chief Executive, Jim Meade, has written to Wicklow County Council refusing to run an extra rush hour train. Councillor Derek Mitchell said ‘The N11 is jammed and the rail line virtually empty because of the poor service. For example Carlow, has 4 times as many people using the train as Wicklow even though it is well outside the Dublin area and also on a single line track’.

At Cllr Mitchell’s suggestion the Council was asked:

to lobby transport authorities to ensure that 8 of the carriages resulting from refurbishment of 28 carriages under the NDP, due in service mid 2019, are used to provide an extra direct rush hour train from/to Gorey using either of 2 available slots around Bray Head leaving Greystones  at either 07.22 or  08.22.

This would effectively double the capacity of the rail line from Kilcoole South but has now been refused. ‘I think the real reason they refused is they want to give priority to Co Dublin services over Co Wicklow which they see as a nuisance. It makes no sense to have an empty rail line and an overfull N11’.

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