Mitchell pleased Irish Rail building a pedestrian path across bridge at Newcastle

In 2009 Irish Rail was about to close the rail bridge to pedestrians between Kilcoole and Newcastle because people had to walk too close to trains for safety as can be seen in the photo. I protested, met their engineers at the bridge and suggested cantilevering a separated pedestrian bridge from the rail bridge. Subsequently they kept the bridge open to pedestrians with restrictions.

I am delighted to see that they are now just completing cantilevering a pedestrian path as shown in the photographs.

They have also placed a second hand pedestrian bridge over the much narrower Three Trout Stream in Greystones making it safer for pedestrians.

This work allows the attractive 4 hour walk from Greystones to Wicklow Town to be fenced off from the trains. Irish Rail are also carrying out extensive coastal protection between Greystones and Kilcoole and this part is closed until March 2018.

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