Mitchell wants Financial Guarantees la Touche Hotel will be properly Reconstructed

Cllr Derek Mitchell has objewall3-17cted to the current planning application to reconstruct the most iconic and prominent building in Greystones. Engineers have stated that ‘parts are liable to collapse without warning’. Rebuilding in a matching style will produce a better and safer building. My concern is that once the developer has knocked it down he may refuse to reconstruct it. I have asked that a condition should be that the developer must deposit with the Council enough money to allow the Council to reconstruct it if the developer fails to do so, this could be around €3m.
I am also think the long awaited Conservation Report has not dealt with reusing and purchasing matching bricks nor slates. I remember there was extensive stained leaded glass in the La Touche which was a typical and attractive feature of the era.

Stained glass should feature in the replacement building and the Conservation Report does not deal with that.
The application also lists anonymous sounding companies where I think an appropriately qualified and named individual should be responsible. I have asked the Council to put in planning conditions to tackle the above issues.


You can read the objecting to the proposal here

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