Major report on N11 recommends 3 lanes to Kilmacanoge

m50-N1108On Tuesday, Transport Ireland released the, long awaited, report on how to improve the N11/M50. This report was started in 2014 after Ministers Simon Harris, Andrew Doyle, Cllr Derek Mitchell and John Ryan met with Leo Varadakar, then Minister for Transport.

It recommends:

  • 3 lanes from the M50 to Kilmacanoge J9. These can mostly be fitted into the space of the wide central margin.
  • Bridge over the Dargle at Fassaroe for local traffic.
  • Service roads/lanes both sides from Fassaroe to Kilmac. Some land needs to be acquired on the West side of the N11.
  • Improving the junctions at Fassaroe and especially Kilcroney, Bray South.
  • Future study on how to service the future growth area of Fassaroe.

The National Infrastructure Plan does not contain money for this but it is currently being reviewed. It is essential that is included. Phasing depends on how much money is available and also land acquisition. It suggests:

Phase 1. Kilmac service roads similar to the N7 at Lucan. To improve safety with a target of raising the speed limit to 100 kph.

Phase 2. 3 lanes from M50 to Fassaroe and improving that junction and on/off ramps.

Phase 3. 3 lanes to Kilmac, Service roads to Bray South and upgrading that junction.

Phase 4. A few improvements from Kilmac to Ashford M11 junction.

Phase 5. Bray Dargle Bridge.

‘There have been 9 previous reports which have not produced action and it is essential that a number of Phases are implemented from now otherwise East Wicklow will seize up’.

A number of previous suggestions were examined and found to be ineffective and not recommended. These included a controversial road from Kilmacanoge to the Woodies roundabout in Bray, around the Little Sugarloaf.

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