Coastguard Station in Greystones postponed

The coastguard have told Wicklow County Council that ‘it is deemed no longer viable to pursue the development at this site due to lack of funding in meeting the requirements’. ‘I am very annoyed the Coastguard say it is not viable to build the station at this site in Greystones.

The Council has given them a valuable site specially constructed on the new pier and built a special slipway for them. It is incredible that after 12 years of discussions, planning and building the harbour they pull out. I gather that the problem is that the building is costly because the site will be subject to storm waves, however the Sailing, Angling, Diving, Rowing and Sea Scouts buildings have been constructed with this in mind.

They should put the boat on the calm marina and build a simpler less costly building. To my mind getting the boat going is much easier and safer from the marina than slip launching from the outer basin which can be rough in Easterly winds’ commented Cllr. Derek Mitchell.

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