Mitchell demands builder repairs La Touché Hotel

20160804_104135Cllrs Derek Mitchell and Grainne Mcloughlin met the owners and demanded they reinstate the structure as per the planning permission for 27 houses. Both have got the Council to list it as a derelict site and a 3% site value tax will apply from 1st September. We complained that the weeds from the site made it difficult to walk along the pavement and at least they have subsequently tidied them up.

The developers, New Generation Homes, and their Structural Engineers suggested that it was not feasible to reinstate it, only to reconstruct it. I was sceptical of this but would not be opposed to a good reconstruction but would be sceptical they would do it unless they gave security, such as a €3m deposit, to the Council, before they demolished it. They are considering whether to seek to vary the conditions.

For nearly 20 years the many owners of the site have let it decay. Both Grainne and I left them in no doubt that we would be demanding that the Council use all powers it has to preserve the external walls.

Letter to La Touché owners

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