Mitchell demands roads are improved before Lidl store is expanded

Cllr Derek Mitchell has objected to the planning application by Lidl to expand their store in Greystones. ‘the traffic in the Blacklion area is very congested, some people tell me it can take an hour to get from Hillside to Bray, and the long delayed plans to improve the roads must be completed before this store expands and adds extra traffic’.

The Council has been planning the Blacklion to Delgany Road since 1989 but it is a long way from completion. Also planned for many years are improvements to the junction at Redford Park to improve flow. An extra lane is needed at the traffic lights and insetting the bus stops to improve flow in the whole area.

Lidl have applied for permission to put a second storey on the store, retain the area where McDonald’s were going to build and to reduce the number of parking spaces.

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