Mitchell complains Greystones Area starved of Funds

I have done an analysis of spending by Wicklow County Council and found that 3 of the 5 Municipal Districts spend 60% more per resident than Greystones, the remaining one spends 25% more. It’s no wonder that the footpaths, roads, parks and house maintenance are poor in Greystones.

This is particularly annoying considering that Greystones and Bray contribute most of the Local Property Tax in the County. This tax is being transferred to other areas and not spent where it is earned. I am calling for an equal amount of money to be spent per resident in each area.

The Capital Expenditure Budget was even more biased against Greystones and I voted against it. I was disappointed that no other Councillor supported me.


The figures below show how Greystones only gets €142 per person while Arklow, Bray and the West get €230.


Municipal Districts 2015 Budgeted yearly Work Expenditure per Resident € % greater than Greystones expenditure per Resident Budgeted Capital Expenditure per Resident €


240 69% 32
Arklow 236 66% 177
Bray 219 54% 273
Wicklow 174 23% 151
Greystones 142 2

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