Mitchell against proposal to build houses on Greystones Golf Course

The Club has received an unsolicited offer to provide a new, larger, course near Bellvue, Delgany in exchange for the course in the centre of Greystones. The members are at a very early stage of firming up and making a decision on this. The land adjoins Heathervue, The Burnaby and Burnaby Heights.

The land is zoned for ‘Active Open Space’ and would need to be rezoned for houses. It forms a green lung within the town. Land is already zoned for 4,000 extra houses in Greystones and I am opposed to any more rezoning including this proposal. The next review of the town plan will not be until 3 years time.

Greystones has expanded massively in recent years and we need to allow time for the infrastructure to catch up, especially the Delgany to Blacklion Road which has been on the plans for 30 years. The Council’s 3 year Capital Programme does not propose to build this road and I voted against this programme but this was not supported by any other Councillor unfortunately. At the April Council meeting I proposed to reduce the massive expansion planned for Greystones and was disappointed that Greystones Councillors Tom Fortune and Jennifer Whitmore did not support my proposed reduction.

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