Delgany stop/go System will cause traffic chaos

Wicklow Council has been planning, in consultation with the Delgany Community Council, to improve Delgany Village by calming traffic and widening pavements. This includes ramps, a 30 kph speed limit in the centre and a single lane system with stop/go traffic lights near the closed petrol station.

I think that this will cause traffic disruption and queues in the centre and inconvience many people. For example people from Delgany Wood and Delgany Hills will have more trouble getting to the N11 and those going to the National School will have difficulty coming from the N11 side. It will also increase the traffic on other nearby roads. I am opposed to the stop/go system and believe that the road should remain 2 lanes wide. The other measures will reduce traffic somewhat and I think that 2 lanes are needed even though they are narrow.

The measures will be published in a couple of months, for public consultation. No other Councillor has opposed this part of the plan. I would be interested in your views.

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