Council to improve Burnaby Park, Greystones

The Greystones Municipal Councillors decided on Tuesday how to spend the once off fund for local improvements which has resulted from the Non Principle Private Residence tax collected:


  • In Burnaby Park the surface of the central path is to be improved and lighting is to be provided.
  • Most Zebra Pedestrian crossings in the area are to have improved lighting to make them safer. This will be similar to the lighting on the ones in Kilcoole and Killincarrick.
  • Better surfaces will be provided on the pedestrian paths in Newcastle Park and next to Burnaby Heights.
  • Improved fencing will be provided in Kilcoole at Sea Road and another place. 

‘I pressed for this money to used for a permanent improvement rather than going into a general fund and am pleased this has happened. The Burnaby Park path is heavily used, as it is a route from the DART, and it is in poor condition with wheelchair users having fallen sideways from it. The new surface and lights will be a big improvement’.

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