Mitchell pleased Irish Water are improving reliability of Greystones Area Water supply

Irish Water has just informed the Council that it is making substantial investments ‘as a high priority’ to install pressure boosting pumps for the Greystones Reservoir, Blackberry Lane, Delgany, and also one for  Tinnapark, Kilpeddar. They are to install a looped main for Timmore Lane and to connect the new Bellvue Hill pump to the ESB. All of these works are scheduled for completion by mid March 2015. They are also to get Consultants to study how to improve supply at Glencormick North near  Kilmacanoge.

Every Spring the water was turned off in Greystones/Delgany most evenings for a month during the algae season creating hardship for business and households. ‘I have continually raised this problem and am pleased that finally this is being dealt with. For the past 5 years we could not get the investment to fix this when the system was being run by Dublin City Council and am glad that Irish Water has quickly authorised the money to fix the problem’ said Cllr Derek Mitchell.

Councillors are meeting Irish Water on the 2nd February and I intend to check on progress. I also will ask them to ensure long term capacities in water and sewerage to allow industry in the area and not have it all taken up by housing. This is the second meeting where I am raising these problems directly with Irish Water.

‘I am very critical of Sinn Fein Councillors who did not bother to turn up to the first meeting and are boycotting the February one. It is a Councillors duty to try to get the ‘System’ to sort out problems in the area and they are failing in this duty’.

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