Mitchell again lobbies Minister for School in Charlesland.

Cllr. Derek Mitchell has written to Jan O’Sullivan, Minister for Education to press for a new Primary School in Charlesland. Last Easter Cllr Mitchell met the previous Minister, Ruari Quinn, when hill walking in Connemara, and lobbied him about this. He initiated a review by the Department of Education but shortly afterwards the minister changed.

‘I have not heard any more since. Between Charlesland and Eden Gate there is more than a schoolfull of children and the nearest school is 3.5km from them so they are all driven. In Charlesland the footpaths are good and if there was a local school the children could safely cycle or walk which would cut down traffic and be good for their health and sense of independence. The councillors zoned a site for a school next to the crèche over 10 years ago’.

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