Irish Water brings benefits to Greystones/Delgany where the previous system failed

At Wicklow County Council’s debate on Irish Water many Councillors wanted to abolish Irish Water. Cllr Derek Mitchell said the previous system failed as the most important thing was to have water in the taps. Every Spring the water was turned off in Greystones/Delgany most evenings for a month creating hardship for business and households.

Irish Water has now approved the funds for the installation of a large pump to fill the reservoir in Blackberry Lane and provided one on Bellvue Hill to provide water pressure to higher houses which ran out of water every Spring, sometimes for months. We have been trying to get these problem fixed for 10 years but never previously could we get the investment.

Ireland has many times more water plants than Scotland even though we have a smaller population which is inefficient. The previous system of 30 separate water authorities was a failure and wasteful- 40% leaks out!!

All 32 Councillors were asked to a briefing by Irish Water but I was the only one who turned up to the morning session. I am surprised that 9 Councillors wanted the Council to discuss it when they did not bother to attend and question. I made good use of the session to get them to improve the local water supply.

Some Councillors said they would not pay the charge. ‘Councillors are paid a handsome salary by the taxpayer and I think it is totally wrong for them not to pay their utilities. It costs compliant taxpayers money to have state employees spend time to collect this. I think it should be deducted from their salaries’. Changes to Irish Water also need to be made.

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