Mitchell welcomes Budget tax reductions and emphasis on making Work Pay

Fine Gael Councillor Derek Mitchell said “Reducing the top rate of income tax from 41% to 40% and increasing the standard rate tax band above which the top rate of tax is paid by €1,000 to €33,800 will make a significant difference for working families and individuals.

Last May I lobbied Minister Noonan, through the FG Party, to greatly reduce the USC on people paid the minimum wage in order to Make Work Pay and am pleased this was listened to as the USC has been substantially reduced for those on the minimum wage.
Ireland now has the highest economic growth in the EU, and with the creation of over 70,000 jobs (net) since the launch of the Action Plan for Jobs, our unemployment rate is now below the European average. This is a major economic and political achievement and is helping to improve lives, however, many people have not yet felt the benefit of it. Yesterday’s Budget will help change that situation for the better”.

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