Greystones Must Avoid the Smell and mess of a fishing port

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There have been protests by Greystones fishermen complaining there is no place for them in the new harbour. There was only one full time fisherman using the old harbour in the years before it was closed. I have asked that fish landing facilities should be provided for him and expect this can be done. Part time anglers have much better facilities than before.

We must avoid the stench that comes from fishing boats in and around Wicklow Port. Greystones harbour is small and because it does not have a river running through it to flush it out, unlike Wicklow, it will get easily polluted by washing the boats and fish. The picture shows how discarded fish are quickly eaten by seagulls and create a terrible mess in the fishing port of Kinsale. This must not happen in Greystones.

Greystones has a rapidly developing tourist trade with yachts coming from elsewhere, especially North Wales. These are very impressed with the town and spend heavily in pubs and restaurants. There are as many berths in North Wales as in this country which is a good tourism base for Greystones. There are also over 100 Greystones people who pay substantial money to moor their boats. This money pays for the maintenance and staffing of the harbour. Neither of these groups will remain here if they have the smell and mess of a fishing port.

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