Harbour Clubs need to be Built

I am calling for the clubhouses for the 5 marine Community Clubs, Sea Scouts, Rowers, Divers, Anglers and Sailors, to be built. These have been long promised and following the opening of the North Pier I consider these are the next facilities we should be asking for. The first 3 of these clubs have no premise, other than a boat compound, at the moment. A majority of these clubs want the premise built and do not want the sites turned into a Public Picnic Area as proposed by GUBOH and Cllr Fortune.

The buildings have planning permission but will take a while to construct as they have to be built to ‘lighthouse standard’ as they are close to the sea wall and waves may come over in storms.

The importation of  beach sand, as proposed by GUBOH, will get washed down by the waves and is likely to silt up the harbour which would damage the progress which we have achieved in building the deepest marina on the East Coast.

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