Mitchell tell Minister need for Charlesland School is ‘blindly obvious’

Mitchell  say need for Charlesland School is ‘blindly obvious’


“When canvassing I have met quite a few people who cannot get their children into Primary School. It is essential that the Minister for Education opens a school in Charlesland, otherwise the town cannot cope with the traffic. Every year they add on classrooms in an ad hoc way in May when there is a shortage of school places. I have written to the Minister and said that from a Town Planning point of view it is ‘blindingly obvious’ that a school is needed in Charlesland. I also sent a map showing that it is 3.3km from Charlesland to the nearest school which means that children are driven instead of walking or cycling.”

Land in Charlesland is zoned for two new Primary Schools and one new Secondary School. “The Council should also refuse permission for permanent classrooms in existing schools until a Charlesland School is approved because of traffic congestion”.

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