National Transport Authority Plan ignores Wicklow

This Plan which will set transport improvements up to 2018 ignores Wicklow in spite it having grown more than 3 of the 4 Dublin Councils. 45% of the population of Wicklow lives in the Metropolitan area and is thus obliged to accept high density development as happened with Charlesland.

This % is much higher than other Mid East Counties. Population targets handed down to Councils insist on a large expansion of zoned land, for example, Greystones was required to rezone extra land for 24,000 compared to a current 17,500. The NTA must provide public transport and roads to cope and alter the Plan which provides investment in Central, North and West Dublin.

I have made a submission to the NTA pointing out that the Regional Plan gives a high priority to improving the M50/N11 whereas their Plan ignores it. Of the 6 major radial routes out of Dublin it is the only one which has not been modernised and this is why there are regular traffic jams. We also need improved rail, including passing loops on Bray Head and Newcastle, LUAS to Bray and more express bus services.
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