Offshore Wind Farm Proposal to have serious visual effect off Greystones

DublinArray is applying for a foreshore licence for a large wind farm on the Bray and Kish Banks. ‘Normally I support environmentally friendly proposals but I am objecting to this because it will have a major negative visual effect on Greystones and the Cliff Walk’. 145 windmills 160m high are planned and the power connection is to go by undersea cable to Shangannagh. They are to be 9km from shore at the nearest.

In 2005 the Codling Bank scheme obtained a foreshore licence for 220 turbines but these are 15km from the nearest point, Greystones and Kilcoole. That plan had them laid out in a shorter but deeper way. Because they are 6km further away and in a narrower visual arc they are much less intrusive.

The visual images are on display in Greystones and Bray Garda station and these state there will be an adverse effect. However if both the Bray and Codling wind farms are built the adverse visual effect will be much more significant according to the Environmental Impact Statement. I support building the one with the least negative effect, the Codling one, and am asking for the Kish/Bray one to be rejected.

I am also concerned that all the jobs for the Kish one will go to Dublin with the negative effects to Wicklow. There needs to be some local gain in jobs and income.

Objections have to be lodged by the 11th June and I will provide details on my website within 10 days. I will also ask Greystones Town Council to object to this.

A complication is that the Kish one has an early agreement to connect to the national Grid whereas the Codling ones connection is in a latter phase.


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