Transport to North Wicklow seizes up again – National Transport Authority needs to do better

Transport to North Wicklow seizes up again. National Transport Authority needs to do better.

People have again been stuck in their cars for over 3 ½ hours due to problems with the M11. DART services have again been halted between Dun Laoghaire and Dalkey probably because falling trees have cut the electric wires. The DART service frequently stops here either because of flooding or trees falling and also has a low speed limit.

Fridays M11 closure for most of the day was due to flooding but delays are very frequent and usually stretch 4km during the evening rush hour. This section of motorway was left out of recent M50 upgrades and has needed upgrading for years. During bad weather the frequent DART problems combined with M11 problems make commuting from Wicklow difficult.

A 2010 National Road Authority Report found that the road was ‘not suited to cater for current traffic volumes’ yet neither they nor the National Transport Authority have implemented a single aspect of that report’s recommendations.

These bodies are responsible for the M11 and DART service and need to do better.

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