Mitchell concerned at Huge Cabinet Pensions and Salaries

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Mitchell concerned at Huge Cabinet Pensions and Salaries.

The Irish Times recently printed figures showing the pensions due to Cabinet members average about €80,000 a year. These show that if they were in the private sector a pension fund of €2.5M would be needed. These are stunningly generous pensions at a time of austerity. Private sector pensions have always been less generous than the Public Sector and have now been much reduced by poor investment returns and extra taxes.

The Government is imposing necessary austerity but it must set an example and reduce their own salaries and pensions to the level of those in the private sector. As a Fine Gael Councillor I have written to Ministers and T.Ds about the need to reduce benefits to the level of the private sector but have been ignored.

Working conditions in the private sector have changed greatly since the recession especially for young people. People are working longer hours for less pay in order to keep their jobs. The decision makers, senior politicians and Civil Servants, have been isolated from this reality and need to cut their pensions and pay as has happened in the private sector.



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