Mitchell objects to huge Cherrywood development which will result in N11 Traffic Chaos

A huge Shopping Centre is being planned for Cherrywood together with more offices and apartments. The Shopping Centre is 43,000 sq. m. Just a bit smaller than Dundrum. This will further congest the overcrowded N11 and hinder the people of Wicklow trying to commute and hold onto their jobs. As a Member of the Dublin Regional Authority I have worked hard to get M50/N11 improvements included in the Plan for the Region and I have now formally objected to this shopping centre as it does not include this requirement to upgrade the N11.

‘If this is approved then the N11/M50 must be upgraded and express busses provided on the M50 to Wicklow’. The thousands of pages of documents on the project don’t mention improving the N11, the only mention of the road which I could see is a map showing 6 places where badgers can cross it. Wicklow people should be given a higher priority than the badgers!

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