Cllr. Mitchell welcomes Sisk taking control of Greystones

Today Sisk announced that it has agreed with its partners Park Developments and their bankers NAMA that Sisk will take ownership and control of this project. Originally developed in partnership, the substantial structure has been completed and part opened to the public recently. The land side of the development has stalled with the financial crisis and with NAMA’s involvement.

‘I am very pleased that Sisk have taken control as they are financially very stable, have been around for a century, take a long term view and are knowledgeable on marine affairs. NAMA are a bureaucratic organisation not suited to moving this imaginative project forward’.

Parts of the harbour are now open including the best public boat launching facilities in Ireland (2 public slipways reaching to below low water) and compounds have been given to 5 Community organisations (Sea Scouts, Rowers, Sailors, Divers and Anglers). The South Breakwater and the car park are also open. Already this is one of the best water sport facilities in Ireland. The uncompleted area towards Bray Head is currently being grassed and it is hoped to open the marina in 2013. The latter is held up by threatened legal action over a commercial matter.

It is hoped that the first building, The Primary Health Care Centre will start construction this year. The homes will be built when there is an economic recovery.

An Art market is held every Sunday morning at the fencing around the boat compounds and has been very successful. August Bank Holiday Saturday sees the first Regatta in the new harbour and hopefully a Lifeboat visit and a helicopter rescue demonstration.

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