Harbour Completion

The fuss about the suggestion that the Council has agreed a 5 year delay to the completion date is not correct. PPP’s financed by the private sector all contain clauses to allow delay should there be ‘major change to the market’. If this was not the case then the private sector would not do them.

The Council has not specifically agreed to any delay period but clearly the economic crash has produced ‘major change to the market’. The delay in the estimated completion dates in the Comptroller and Auditor General’s 2010 report reflect the ‘major change to the market’ clause and not a negotiated change. There was thus not any chance to insist that certain specific things be done now.

I urge everyone to use and enjoy the good harbour facility which we have and stop knocking it. We also need to promote these good facilities to produce tourism. Even in its interim state the harbour has better public and Community boat launching facilities than any other harbour in Ireland and way superior to what was there before. The photos of recent storms also show how strong the structure is compared to the past.

I have pushed hard to get the harbour open. My priorities are to:

  • Get the Health Centre and CoastGuard station started.
  • Improve the look of the North area, which has been partially agreed.
  • Get the marina open next year.
  • New Bye Laws in place to control usage.
  • Ensure routine changes to the harbour are implemented as usage shows them to be necessary.

If any group would like a presentation on the harbour please contact me.

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