Mitchell Welcomes Harbour Progress

The harbour developers are asking anybody interested in a marina berth to a meeting in the Beach House on Wednesday the 14th March 7 pm. They will present a plan to put 56 berths in this Summer and will talk about the facilities to be provided if there are enough people who commit to using it and paying the fee! Anybody who may want a berth should come along.

It is hoped that the Sea Scouts, Rowers, Anglers, Sailors and Divers will occupy their compounds in April. The Council is currently completing leases with their 5 solicitors and 5 insurance companies, which takes time.

‘I welcome this progress, the harbour will be transformed when there are lots of boats in it’

We are still hoping the Health Centre will start construction in June though a number of issues need to be cleared up first. If it is not then that area will be grassed.

Every March, after the Winter storms, the developer measures the rate of erosion on the North Beach and replenishes it, if it has retreated more than a fixed amount which is related to the erosion over the last 100 years. In March 2011 the rate was as expected and it will be checked again this month.

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