Public Rights of Way need new legal standing

The Courts have ruled that there is not a Public Right of Way on Mr. Walkers land in Enniskerry. This has taken 8 years and cost a huge amount of legal fees. There needs to be a simple system to establish and maintain these instead of the present system of uncertainty and high legal fees.

In 1950 England and Wales put through laws to get these listed and imposing a degree of responsibility on Local Authorities to maintain and signpost them. We need similar legislation here so that these are kept open and signposted as tourists and strangers can’t find their way. In the last decade England and Wales have given the public a much broader ‘Right to Roam’ but I think this would be going too far. Ruari Quinn T.D. a Hillwalker, like myself, introduced a similar Bill in the Dail a few years ago but it was defeated.

In 2004 I joined a few hundred people on a protest walk to Mr Walkers land but fencing which had been recently erected, and was manned by Mr Walker and IFA Representatives, stopped this going through the disputed section.

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