New Signs on N11 Welcome in spite of Name Controversy

Recently the National Roads Authority has put large new signs up on the North section of the N11. These now have junction numbers, are easier to read and safer if people crash into them as the lattice work supports will give more. I welcome these improvements especially the Junction numbers which will help direct strangers.

There has been controversy over naming the junction to ‘Glenview’ as there is no such place. However the function is to direct motorists and it was felt that the proper names of the area such as Ballydonagh or Red Lane were not well known by strangers whereas the hotel name was widely known. There is no access to the Glen o’ Down’s from this junction so it should not be named that either.

There was also controversy about the signs naming Kilmacanoge, without a U. About 10 new signs have this and 1 old one has a U. The name was checked with the Database of Placenames and I looked up the Ordinance Survey, AA and Michelin Maps. All spell it without a U, so this seems the best way of directing strangers.

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