Mitchell asks Minister for Justice to Ensure Fines Collected

About half of fines are not collected. This is a fraud on compliant citizens who pay fines on time and it damages the Justice System. At a recent meeting I asked the Minister for Justice, Alan Shatter, to introduce a system of deducting unpaid fines from Wages and Social Welfare. It makes no sense for the Government not to be able to collect fines while paying people on a weekly basis.

The Minister said that he would introduce legislation in the Autumn to enable fines to be deducted. The previous FF Government introduced laws to allow fines to be paid by instalments but did not provide the software to allow it to be implemented. Minister Shatter said he had now got the money in the 2012 Budget for the software which would be implemented in the Autumn, thus allowing ‘Attachment of Wages and Welfare’. I welcome this sensible approach as without this the Household Tax may not be properly collected.

I asked the Minister to ensure that the T.D.s who are leading the campaign for non-payment of this tax, yet are well paid by taxpayers, should be made an example of and have this publicly deducted from their wages in January next year.

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