Harbour Lights are Fine

I have checked and there is enough light at the slipway from the existing lighting, more than there was in the old harbour.

When entering a harbour in the dark it can be difficult to find the entrance. By far the most important lights for seafarers are the red and green entrance lights, on the pier ends, as these show where to enter. Sailors eyes adjust to the dark and bright lights on slipways may blind and confuse them when approaching the entrance. Cllr. O’Sullivan criticises the Council for not putting lights on the harbour slipways however he may not have understood these issues.

Small boats, the type launched from slipways, should not be at sea at night. The Coast Guard may have to launch at night but they have powerful lights on the launch vehicle. They are also being given an excellent site on the slipway and should put up a low light, which cannot be seen from the sea, if they really think they need it. For 3 years the Coast Guard has dithered about signing a contract to build their building and I urge them to hurry up.

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