Irish Rail to erect Kilcoole Fence but leave Bridge Open

Irish Rail have confirmed that when erecting a safety fence at Kilcoole they will leave a gap, with swing gates, so pedestrians can cross. ‘Originally they were going to close the Breeches Bridge to pedestrians which would have cut the attractive walk from Greystones to Wicklow Town. I have been discussing this with Irish Rail engineers for some time and they have now agreed to leave it open with gates and instructions for the train to whistle and slow’.

This will be temporary and they will design a separate walkway, probably cantilevered from the rail bridge but this will not happen until next year. I asked that they would reduce the ugly notices they have put up, in this attractive place, and they will do so when the job is complete. The fencing will be low with no barbed wire, below chest height, and is the least bad option available. Preliminary work will start on the 6th with most work done next week.

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