Greystones Harbour Plan, Good feedback

The developers met Harbour Users and the wider Consultation Group last night (Tuesday) representing about 25 different groups in the town. Sispar have amended their plan to deal with some earlier consultation issues, reducing the parking area and providing a green area. Some spaces will now be for parking boat trailers. They also hope to open the permanent green area South of the Health Centre in about 10 months as construction permits.
Most groups were very pleased with the facilities provided especially the Boat Users. A number of suggestions were made and Sispar will consider whether amendments can be made in the next week and will then get on with it.

Work has started as the specialised railings are being made and they plan to have the temporary works completed by September. ‘Given the financial crisis in the country this is very satisfactory and it will be great for the public especially the Youth. At least 7 of the 9 Town Councillors are happy with progress and the planned removal of the hoardings.’

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