Harbour-Facilities which must be provided in 2011.

It is hoped that the Primary Health Care (PHC) building together with the Public Square and 5 Clubhouses will start construction soon. This remains the top priority. However if only the PHCC is funded then the harbour area needs to be made more open and the hoardings taken down. In my view the PHCC will receive funding in 2011 as it makes financial as well as social sense.

Assuming PHCC only is built. Minimum Requirements on land:

1. Open South Pier. Some hand rails, railings around the boatyard, chain and bollards to allow safe use. A footpath to it.
2. Open Public Square. Hardcore or grass over public square, provide final decorative railings behind clubs and take down hoardings. Provide railing around all clubs site to allow use for boat storage. Use of all harbour beaches by public and boats.
3. Open North Pier. Involving hand rails, chain and bollards. Footpath to this and North Beach to be more direct than present.
4. North of PHCC. Landscape or grass over to prevent becoming a dustbowl.
5. Hoardings Down. When PHCC complete take down hoardings.
6. Basic Services are needed. ESB sub station, Sewerage Pumping Station, Water and extensive underground pipes to carry them across site.

Marine Requirements.

7. Open all harbour beach and both slipways helping boat handling in rougher weather.
8. Marina. Re-survey potential marina users to establish if there is enough demand to set it up. If not get temporary pontoon and arrange toilets/showers either in a Portacabin or in the PHCC building. This will encourage boat tourists. Also open café which would help supervision of area.
9. Bye-Laws to control harbour use (A Council responsibility) and a means of enforcement and supervision.
10. Slipway. Reduce the angle on the top of the slip to stop jockey wheels grounding when launching heavier boats.
11. Mooring Bouys. Place 3 mooring bouys in outer basin to allow boats to de-rig before beaching. Useful in rougher weather.

These items from the final plan have been selected as the best means of providing public access to the key facility in the town. The Plan takes into account the relatively low cost of the items, the degree to which they are permanent fixtures, demand and the ease of progress. Simply taking down the hoardings would be unsafe and a mistake.
If no construction takes place then most of the items should be implemented quickly. Some, such as the bollards and railings, can be started before a funding decision is made.

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